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How do you know if your dog loves you?

How do you know if your dog loves you?

Hello guys ! in this article i will teach you how to know if your dog loves you or not ?. you have a dog ? you take care of him ? you love him ? you wanna know more about him ? ... wlecome to my article .

How do dogs say I love you? Your dog may be showing his unconditional love and affection with each of his gestures – some more obvious than others, and in return he is also asking you for “a little love.” Here are some signs that make “all dogs say I love you.”

sleep with you

When they hug you, hug you, or lie next to you, it's their way of showing you that they trust you, since they are animals that sleep in groups for protection and warmth.

You show absolute indifference when you come to work

In contrast to the stress of separation that some dogs experience when their owners leave the home, other dogs act as if they don't care. But don't worry, that doesn't mean he doesn't love you, he just makes sure you'll come back. He'll then greet you with all the partying and noise - which, by the way, also shows how much he loves you.

 He eats your clothes

It's not always fun to see his favorite sneakers or classic slippers in my dog's mouth. Plus, no matter how much I scolded him, he always stole them with impunity, drooling and tearing them into pieces in a quiet corner. But don't be too strict with him, you need to remember that they soak up your scent, to him

Always brings you his favorite toy

In addition to the joy it evokes, it is a symbol of appreciation that corresponds to the "gift" in the canine code. Therefore, spend a few minutes playing with your dog because his toys and time with you are very important to him.

He sits at your feet

This is their way of "marking their territory" and telling the world they own you so others don't think they share your love.

Follow you through the house

You won't be able to stop this because every time you go from the sofa to the kitchen or from the bedroom to the bathroom, it will be standing next to you waiting for you so you won't miss a single detail. Your next step. I can not live without you

He can't stop licking you and asking for hugs

It's his way of kissing you, loving you, and letting you know he respects you. You are his family. On the other hand, if he throws himself down, it shows that he completely trusts you and is also a sign of weakness and submission.

He knows when you are sad or sick

Did you know that dogs have the ability to sense human pain?

When you are not feeling well physically or emotionally, your dog will sense it and show his affection by staying next to you and leaning into you. This is another instinctive gesture because we are social animals and the feeling of caring for the group is crucial.

He allows himself to be hugged even though he hates it

Maybe you won't stop hugging your dog because you can't handle the love anymore, but it's not pleasant or fun for him. But since he was smart and knew you liked it, he allowed it.

He keeps wagging his tail or smiling at you

No matter what happens, your dog will always express his affection and love for you by wagging his tail vigorously at the appropriate time. Believe it or not, dogs also smile because living with humans allows them to imitate similar gestures to ours. According to some experts, although the corners of the mouth are difficult to see, they become more prominent and extend almost from ear to ear.

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