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Vegetable Recipe

vegetable recipeVegetable Recipes

Vegetable Recipe

Executive Summary about Vegetable Recipe by KC Kudra and Qing Hua

Vegetables are a very important part of a healthy, balanced diet. Grilled vegetables can accompany a main dish or they can be served as a main meal.

If you want to grill vegetables, you need to pick the ones with lower water content. Cabbage, onions, mushrooms, bell peppers and asparagus are examples of vegetables that grill well. Fried vegetables can be fatty. Grilled vegetables tend to be healthier than other preparation methods.

The Many Benefits of Vegetables

Dark green and orange vegetables are better at preventing cancers. Vegetables are also beneficial if you are trying to lose weight.

vegetable recipe
Vegetable Recipes

Vegetable Nutrients and Their Functions

There are a variety of nutrients found in vegetables. These include potassium, folate (folic acid), dietary fiber, vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E. Folate encourages the production of red blood cells. Dietary fiber assists the reduction of cholesterol levels in the blood. Vitamin C keeps the teeth and gums healthy, heals wounds and helps with iron absorption. Vitamin E protects Vitamin A and essential acids from cell oxidization.

Vegetable Recipe: Grilled Bacon Jalapeno Wraps


6 jalapeno peppers,halved and seeded

8 ounces of cream cheese

12 slices of bacon

Method of preparation:

Make sure your grill is preheated. Spread the cream cheese inside the halved jalapenos and wrap it with bacon. You can keep the bacon and jalapeno together by sticking a toothpick through them. The next step is to place the jalapenos wrapped in bacon on the grill and cook them until the bacon is nice and crispy.

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