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Salad Recipe

healthy salad recipesSalad Recipes

Salad Recipe

Executive Summary about Salad Recipe by KC Kudra

One great way of making a salad is to combine your dry ingredients in one bowl and make a dressing in another bowl. Just before serving the salad, pour the dressing over the top.

Another way to make an impressive salad is to cover the serving platter in a bed of salad leaves and fresh herbs, then make other salad dishes to go on top. Just prepare some tasty ingredients and combine them for a wonderful and simple salad.

Cucumber, eggs, tuna, corn kernels, pineapple, capers, olives, and cheese are all typical salad ingredients.

Waldorf salad is a combination of celery, apples, walnuts, and mayonnaise. This salad is very simple but truly delicious.

Caesar salad is another one of the most famous salad recipes. This salad is made with parmesan cheese, romaine lettuce, egg, capers, croutons and more. It is served with a creamy Caesar dressing. Some Caesar salads feature chicken, bacon or anchovies but none of these were part of the original recipe.

healthy salad recipes
Salad Recipes

Making Famous Salads at Home

If you want to recreate a famous salad recipe, why not have a go? Simply chop celery and apple, stir in some walnuts, and add some mayonnaise and season to taste. You can serve Waldorf salad as a side dish or even as a baked potato filling.

You can also invent your own salads. Combine drained, canned shrimps, crabmeat, or tuna with mayonnaise and tomato puree. Boil some chopped potatoes until they are al dente, then mix them with onions, egg, mayonnaise, curry powder and anything else you fancy for a tasty and filling dish.

Making salads is a lot of fun and you can mix mayonnaise and any flavorings you like with macaroni or rice to make easy salad recipes. Chicken salad recipes are also very popular and if you have some leftover cooked chicken, there are all kinds of salads you can make with it the following day.

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