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Italian Cooking

italian cookingHealthy Ways To Eat Italian Cooking

Enjoy Italian cooking in a healthy way. Pizza, pasta, gelato and mozzarella cheese is hard to resist. Pizza, pasta, gelato and mozzarella cheese is hard to resist. Not surprisingly if all Italian cooking in restaurants increasingly popular. Well, for fans of Italian culinary which�of course contains high levels of carbohydrates and calories, you can still enjoy it in a healthy way. The following tips:

  • Avoid fried appetizers

Italian appetizers such as mozzarella sticks use lots of extra cheese. Similarly, garlic bread, arancini, or shrimp scampi. Better to choose a soup or salad as appetizers. Classic minestrone or pasta e fagioli that made ??from nuts and vegetables. If you order a salad, choose a balsamic vinaigrette as a sauce. Do not forget to add no salt because you definitely do not want to consume too much sodium, don�t you?

  • Choose bread

There are many Italian restaurants that use wheat as a main ingredient for pizza and pasta batter. Do not hesitate to ask. You should choose a thin pizza rather than thick pizza. It was to reduce the levels of carbohydrates.

italian cooking
Healthy Ways To Eat Italian Cooking
  • Order vegetable menu

Other ways to stay healthy is multiply the vegetable menu. Forget meat, replace pizza toppings with vegetable. Mushrooms and eggplant is a substitute of salami and sausages were very tasty. If you want to order a side dish for pasta companion, choose spinach with garlic or broccoli could be an option.

  • Red sauce

Avoid creamy sauces that contain a lot of calories. You can order pasta with marinara sauce that is more friendly. If you can not wait to order the fettucine alfredo, just order in small portion.

  • Servings of dessert

Cannoli, tiramisu, and cheesecake, is OK to be used as a dessert. But, be sure to reduce the portions. You may be interested in: Indian Recipe and Diet CholesterolHealthy Foods Center | A better way to be healthy

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