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Indian Curry Recipe

indian curry recipesCurry Recipe

Indian Curry Recipe

Executive Summary about Indian Curry Recipe by Puneet Aggarwal

When you think of Indian cuisine, what’s the first thing that comes into your mind? Of course – Indian curry! Making use of a variety of spices and mixing them with the exotic wonders of curry flavors will only give you a distinctive and delicious taste. According to some Indian legends, Buddha immersed himself with learning at the mountain of the Curry village, where he was offered many delectable curry dishes by the villagers. From then on, the popularity of curry skyrocketed in India, and the rest was history – these Indian dishes based on curry are now widely known and incorporated all over the world.

indian curry recipes
Curry Recipe

The Indian curry became vastly popular. It’s usually eaten with Indian bread called roti or naan. As I’ve mentioned, there are lots of variations in cooking curry, but the ingredients and the principles applied to cooking remains the same.

1. Onions – This is a very essential ingredient in curry making.

2. Ginger – Peel off the light brown skin first, then you can either grate, slice or crush them. Because of its spicy tangy flavor, ginger is another vital ingredient in curry making. You may also use dried ground ginger, but of course, ginger, when fresh, gives off the best flavor.

3. Garlic – don’t forget the garlic! To store it properly, you have to peel the cloves first, then put them in a freezer. This ingredient is also widely available in puree form in Indian shops. It doesn’t really matter whether you use fresh or preserved garlic.

4. Garam Masala – this is a concoction, a fusion of spices that is used to give life and flavor to the curry. If you don’t have the patience to learn how to make your own, you can purchase it in powdered form.

Sometimes, the simplest Indian curry recipe gives the best results. Why not learn how to make your own version of curry now?

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