Healthy Tips

Healthy Tips


Executive Summary about Healthy Tips by Bernie Dozier

Here are tips that will aid you lengthen your “good” years:

1. Eat Breakfast
Research suggests that eating breakfast early in the day may reduce the risk of weight gain and perhaps heart disease and diabetes.
Avoid fats and carbs from items like sugar, potatoes, and white bread. Choose foods that are heart-healthy and include fruits, whole-grain cereals, bread, reduced-fat cheese, and low fat or skim milk.

2. Beat the Sugar High
For those that have a sweet tooth, staying away from sugar is a constant struggle.
If you happen to like sugar a little more than you should and you need that sugar fix each day, an enormous way to get control and to curb the sugar craving is by using a natural substance called 5-HTP. You can find it in most any natural health food store. (5-hydroxytryptophan)
5-HTP is a direct precursor to “serotonin”.

3. Rotate Your Exercise Routine
Varying your exercise routine can help slow down the aging process.
Try rotating between aerobic exercises such as walking, dancing, jogging, swimming, cycling, and skating.
Add strength training exercises a couple of times a week and gently stretch your muscles at least two or three times a week to help prevent weakness, stiffness, bone loss, and falls.

4. Take Charge!
Researching the natural remedies in addition to what your doctor advises giving you more choices, as well as natural healing options.
You have the right to all your medical records and eyeglass or contact lens prescriptions.

healthy eating tips
healthy eating tips

Stay Healthy Tips

Executive Summary about Healthy Tips by Juliet Cohen

Eating right, staying physically active, and not smoking are a few examples of good habits that can help you stay healthy. Eating the right foods and the right amounts of foods can help you live a longer, healthier life. Don’t drink and drive. Balance calories from foods and beverages with calories you burn off by your activities. Drink Alcohol Only in Moderation. If you drink alcohol, have no more than two drinks a day. Some foods, like celery and gum, help you burn calories by chewing.

Stay Healthy Tips

1. Eat a Nutritious Breakfast.

2. Choose healthy snacks.

3. Drink plenty of water.

4. Eat a variety of foods.

5. Get moving….don’t be a couch potato.

6. Avoid contaminated food or drinks.

7. Nutritional Supplements can be helpful.

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healthy foods

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