Healthy Tasty Recipes

Healthy Tasty Recipes

Tamarind Vegetable with Beef Ribs – Healthy Tasty Recipes


250 gr ribs, boiled until tender and Take the broth, more or less 1ltr.

100 gr old fruit gnetum gnemon

200 gr young jackfruit and cut into small pieces

100 gr of raw papaya and cut into thin

1 piece of young corn

50 gr peanuts

2 pieces of squash and cut into small

10 pieces longbeans

50 gr young leaves of gnetum gnemon

3 green chilies and split into 2

1 bay leaf

a piece of crushed galangal

3 raw tamarind fruit, peeled and crushed



2 pieces of red chilli

3 pieces of toasted pecans

1 tsp shrimp paste

5 pieces of red onion

1 clove of garlic

2 tsp salt

1 tablespoon brown sugar

healthy tasty recipes
Healthy Tasty Recipes


How to cook:

Boil fruit of gnetum gnemon and peanuts separately so that the color of tamarind vegetables is not cloudy vegetables and then drain it.

Boil fruit of gnetum gnemon, young jackfruit, corn, papaya and peanuts until cooked with broth.

Enter the mashed spices, bay leaves and galangal.

Enter the squash, after little lenient, enter the beans, green chili.

Lastly, enter the gnetum gnemon leaves, tamarind, salt and sugar. Add water of tamarind if still quite fresh. Cook until cooked completely, but not too soft.

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