Healthy Cooking with Sara

Healthy Cooking In 30 Minutes by Sara Contact info: (404) 287-6622 Stewed Collards w/ Okra


1 bunch Collards 1 pound Okra Garlic Onion Braggs Liquid Amino Carefully wash and cut collards, soak in lemon juice and sea salt Wash and slice okra to your liking In a skillet carefully place sliced onions and garlic until med brown Place collards in wok with garlic and onions Give a few quick stirs as if you where stir frying the greens As greens start to cook down add sliced okra. Cover to allow simmering process to take place for approx 10 until veggies are cooked, yet still remains crisp. ***Remember the best way to get the most nutrient from your meals is to not fully cook your vegetables thoroughly, but to the medium point. Brown Rice and Peas Ingredients: Uncle Bens Brown Rice 3 cans of Pigeon Peas Coconut Milk Thyme Scallions Olive Oil Follow rice directions as directed on bagged rice Place a few sticks of fresh thyme, if dried 1 tsp Add 1 tsp of Olive Oil Wash and dice 2 stalks of scallions Rinse off sodium from canned pigeon peas in strainer, set aside Once rice is nearly finished add pigeon peas and coconut milk Cover and allow rice and peas to finish cooking. Curry Coconut Bananas Ingredients: Jamaican Curry Powder Coconut Milk 3 Banana or Plantains Place a small amount of oil into sauce pan sprinkle 1 ½ tbsp of curry powder ½ cup of coconut milk add 2 stalks of washed and diced bananas or plantains Cover and simmer until tender.