Indian Recipe

Indian Recipe

Executive Summary by Brijesh Ghelani and David Urmann   Every country has the own special cuisine, and Indian cuisine is becoming more popular nowadays. One of the reasons why Indian recipes are rapidly becoming popular … Continue reading

Salad Recipe

Salad Recipe

Salad Recipe Executive Summary about Salad Recipe by KC Kudra One great way of making a salad is to combine your dry ingredients in one bowl and make a dressing in another bowl. Just before … Continue reading

Healthy Recipe

Healthy Recipe Executive Summary about Healthy Recipe by Linda Farington and Carolyn Anderson When it comes to finding healthy recipe, you have plenty of options. You can look online, join a cooking club, or enter … Continue reading

Quick Healthy Recipes

Executive Summary about by Abrahan B Rosa and James K Bryant Unfortunately, far too many people have fallen into the rut of eating from fast-food take-out chains or preparing meals from prepackaged, convenience foods. Oftentimes, … Continue reading

Nutrition Importance

Nutrition Importance Executive Summary about Nutrition Importance by Sean Jordan and Glen D. Williams Do people eat just to keep their stomach satisfied? Is food just for their enjoyment? It is because if you value … Continue reading

Low Fat Recipes

Low Fat Recipes Executive Summary about Low Fat Recipes by Arturo Ronzon Adopting a low fat lifestyle is one of the greatest benefits you can give yourself in regards to your physical fitness as well … Continue reading

Weight Lost

Weight Lost Executive Summary about Weight Lost by Johnny Roe and Derek Hyche Did you know losing weight can help you control and manage these diseases? Did you know those quick weight lost programs for … Continue reading

Curry Recipe

Curry Recipe Curry is not a single spice- this is often a fact that might startle someone who is used to the concept of adding curry to create Indian food. Actually, the word curry simply … Continue reading